First Party Data + Your Business

Attention: Are you looking for a new way to target your customers?

DrivenIQ Consumer Radar is an omnidata approach to marketing and advertising that uses in-market and first party data. We’re able to microtarget consumers who are ready to buy, so you can get the most out of your marketing dollars. Our technology is powered by machine learning algorithms that learn from every consumer interaction with our platform. This means we’ll always be one step ahead of them, giving you more opportunities than ever before!

With this omnidata approach, there are no limits on how many audiences or segments you can create or manage at once. You have complete control over what types of targeting criteria are used for each segment – whether it’s demographics like age, gender, location; psychographics like interests and hobbies; purchase behavior like brand affinity or recency/frequency; lifestyle characteristics like occupation or marital status; firmographic information such as household income level or net worth; engagement metrics including online behaviors (like social media activity) and offline behaviors (like shopping frequency); even behavioral intent signals based on digital activities across devices (such as browsing history). The possibilities are endless! And best of all…you only pay when someone responds! No upfront costs – just results driven campaigns that help drive sales growth while reducing waste.

It’s time for a better way forward with DrivenIQ Consumer Radar today!

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