The Road to NADA 2022

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DrivenIQ and First Party Data at NADA 2022

It was late when we decided to try to secure a spot at NADA 2022 (National Automobile Dealer’s Association) and we got the LAST booth on the map, #6943N. I was tasked with managing the project and designing the NADA 2022 booth. In my mind, the phrase “the road to data independence starts here” repeated over and over. It was a great tagline, an excellent image-building concept and something I thought to be the central theme for our booth design but it didn’t specifically mention first party data and it didn’t specifically mention trades

NADA 2022 planning was extensive, exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating and beyond rewarding. A first time attendee, I had no idea what to expect while at the event nor had I any notion of how to design the right booth for our debut. I started by hunting for and finding a freelance tradeshow expert who helped me manage the process. He asked all the right questions, led me toward design concepts and equipment that I didn’t know we needed. 

We started our design with a diagonally split rectangle with a gradient from one core color PURPLE to the other core color ORANGE. Our logos on monitors and videos next to them and I thought … it’s a start. Then as we progressed on product development, I landed on the idea of an image of a literal road and street signs on either side that said “Got First Party Data?” on one and “DrivenIQ can help” on the other to get the point across.  But, while conceptually it was what my mind said I wanted; visually, it didn’t punch me in the face with the thought that I needed to work with whoever designed that booth. So we kept going. 

We have two distinct brands – DrivenIQ and a brand new launch called DriveBid. The purpose and function of both brands is completely different. The colors for the brands are polar opposites. How could I blend the two brands on a single background to tell a unique story for both? What component did we have that united the two brands into a single message. 


On the one side with DrivenIQ, we are able to deliver audience and data-centric marketing solutions that not only generate and develop our clients’ own first party databases, but also extends the reach of their unique digital fingerprint with similar second and zero party data that serves to increase their database overall, maximize their data assets and improve new customer acquisition and overall client lifetime value by leveraging currently untouched data assets available for marketing.

On the other side, DriveBid leverages zero party data from customer input vehicle information to match dealers in need of inventory with customers ready to sell their personal vehicles. Through DriveBid, DrivenIQ has access to all the vehicle data and customer purchase intent data needed to help the automotive industry better source, connect with and sell to in-market consumers with vehicles in their garage ready to trade or sell. 

The one thing connecting the two brands: DATA. Data is everything.

In today’s world, owning and maximizing your data resources is critical for building and maintaining your online market presence and for growing internal business resources necessary for extending the lifetime value of every customer you serve. 

At this point, the concept crystalized and the pieces started to come together. The road to data independence didn’t start on our booth background, it started at our booth with our team. So instead of writing that in big bold letters, we encapsulated everything we needed people to know with a single statement: DATA IS EVERYTHING. 

The original diagonal gradient was overlaid across a mountainous topography with the same feel as an early morning sunrise may have in the mountains of the southwest. Deep dusky purple as the night fades that grows into a robust and brilliant orange red as the sun rises. The colors are symbolic of both that rising sun but also of a rising brand. 

Leveraging the unifying element for all exhibitors at NADA 2022, the vehicle in the center is showcased with data points around it such as to illustrate that with DrivenIQ, not only do you know the data points for the driver but also the vehicle. And with DriveBid, we can put your brand inside that consumer’s garage at the precise moment that they are ready to sell or trade in a vehicle. 

Data was the unifying component of the two brands that allowed the image to tell the story and to draw questions from passersby about exactly what we could do for their business. At the top of the booth, two questions were posed: “Got first party data?” and “Want better trades?” both of which are critical problems faced by the industry today. Both solicited questions. Both drew people in. Both were relevant and timely and important. Both got the job done. 

The road to NADA 2022 was crazy. It was chaotic, overwhelming, stressful and I’d do it all over again tomorrow. 

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