Digital Advertising White Paper for a Cookieless Future

Digital advertising white paper

Avenel Financial Group has prepared an exciting and informative digital advertising white paper outlining the offerings of DrivenIQ for its Co/Investor Club.

Avenel Financial Group served as an advisor for the October 14, 2021 transaction, when Capstone Technologies Group (OTC: CATG) issued a six-month working capital note payable by DrivenIQ Corporation. At the same time, one of DrivenIQ’s former partners was bought out, leaving Capstone with a significant minority interest. 

download the white paper here

DrivenIQ is an omni-data ad tech company that specializes in zero party and 1st party data to help businesses best advertise to their ideal customers. The company offers a variety of services, including website traffic analytics, geo-zoning technologies, text message marketing and social media solutions. The company also offers DriveBidTM, a live vehicle trade-in marketplace, to help dealers and marketers engage with their customers.

As you will see in this digital advertising white paper, DrivenIQ’s entire technology stack was built and developed around 1st party data. Since they have strategic 1st party multi-use relationships, they can provide exclusive in-market partnerships. And, they can provide the client with 1st party data as a market differential.

By positioning themselves around data, and data independence, they align themselves with their clientele to be ahead of Google FLoC and the “cookieless” future. This also puts them ahead of 95% of all ad agencies or marketing competitors that are utterly dependent on 3rd party data audiences. This is evident by their historically low churn rate.

Additionally, they are not limited to Auto, as this technology and concept will apply to enterprises, big box retailers and SaaS. DrivenIQ is for any organization looking to find ways to become more innovative and more refined in their audience and ad attack strategy.

To learn more about DrivenIQ, download the full digital advertising white paper.

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