DrivenIQ: A Case Study in Car Dealership Customer Data

DrivenIQ: A Case Study in Car Dealership Customer Data

Car dealership customer data has never been more important. That’s because the automotive industry has seen its share of serious problems this year, including the war in Ukraine, the microchip shortage, vehicle inventory scarcity and threats of a looming recession.

What can car dealers do to engage more customers and sell cars in these trying times?

The team at Auto Digest, an up-and-coming automotive blog covering various aspects of the industry, recently met with our Founder and CEO, Albert Thompson, to discuss the importance of customer data. The right data helps dealers present the right ads to the right people. These are people who are in-hand, nearby, and ready to purchase a vehicle.

Read the full article here.

Our thanks to John Keller and the Auto Digest team for shedding additional light on this important topic.

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