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If you’re a business or marketer looking to reach the right customers with the right message, at the right time, you’ve come to the right place!  DrivenIQ provides businesses and marketers, like you, with the data tools and technologies you need to succeed.

Sometimes, the conversation about data can be complicated. To help, we’re created the videos below to explain who we are and what we do – for you!


DrivenIQ Overview

Consumer Radar

Founded in 2019

DrivenIQ is the most powerful data and technology company for small, medium or enterprise businesses. We are driven by a relentless focus on leveraging first-party data, in-market data and hyper focusing on the lowest funnel potential customers to increase engagement and improve sales. DrivenIQ’s goal is to help business owners achieve #dataindependence by 2023 – one customer at a time.

The foundational dynamics of DrivenIQ

“DrivenIQ’s technology creates custom 1st Party Data, GeoDevice™, CRM, GeoEvent™ and Custom AI prescription based micro-audiences for Brands, OEMs, Enterprises, and retailers. From audience development to media deployment, our OmniData end to end solution creates the future way for businesses to become Data First in their advertising and marketing mix. 

VisitIQ™ and InReach™ Marketing Solutions

The world’s first 1st Party Data Conversion Tech Suite

Reach into your website and capitalize on the consumers engaging with your products and services today!

What is InReach Targeting™?

InReach Targeting™ is the term used to describe the act of reaching inside the website to capture, convert and market to active users when they are closest to the point of purchase.

Consumer Radar™

DrivenIQ’s cutting edge technology is Omni-Data. What’s Omni-data? It’s our transformative approach to how business can micro target their custom hyper in-market ready to buy audiences using buyer personas, behavioral data, geolocation data, and implementing hundreds of online & offline data points to surmise who your customer is and how to effectively meet those customers with maximum ROI, ROAS, creative media resonance A/B testing at audience levels, all using our GeoZoning™ technology.  .

GeoZoning ®

DrivenIQ’s GeoZoning ®  technology brings to advertisers a powerful, efficient, and accurate new way to target specific households and businesses with digital advertising.

Addressable GeoZoning can be used both as a stand-alone tactic and to improve the results of addressable TV campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts that target specific households. By extending the reach, improving the frequency, and providing foot traffic attribution, Addressable GeoZoning makes all household targeting efforts more effective.