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Alex Lindblad, 20-Year Technology Expert, Joins DrivenIQ as Chief Technology Officer and Business Advisor

Alex will lead the DrivenIQ technology team to streamline its rapidly growing development operations, as more businesses seek advanced advertising technologies and audience data and management tools.

TOWSON, MARYLAND (Preweb) October 04, 2022

DrivenIQ, the authority in audience data and advertising technologies, today announced that 20-year technology expert, Alex Lindblad, has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer and Business Advisor. Currently, he serves as a technical and business advisor at Trupropel, a full service software development company specializing in both the automotive industry and large-scale data products. As CTO of DrivenIQ, Alex will lead the technology team to streamline its rapidly growing development operations. In addition to overseeing the technology department, Alex will bring his experience and guidance in creating operational processes to support corporate alignment and goal setting to accelerate business growth.

Alex has a long and storied career in technology, beginning in 2000 at the University of Minnesota. In 2006, he obtained his PhD in computational science. He spent the first ve years of his career developing high performance computer modeling and simulation software for Sandia National Labs, as well as founding a3D nano fabrication company, Auma Laboratories.

At Auma Laboratories, Alex designed and developed microcontroller software for laser-based nano fabrication and helped co-author numerous grant applications that led to Auma being awarded a National Science Foundation SBIR grant.

After leaving Sandia, Alex worked with several VC-backed Silicon Valley startups and in 2012, along with two partners, Alex founded FS Studio, a software and product consultancy based in San Francisco. During his time at FS Studio, Alex helped build and manage an international team of engineers working on multiple client projects ranging from computer vision aided gaming platforms to embedded micro-controller based applications.

In 2015, Alex joined The Appraisal Lane, a real-time used car trade network and communications platform. As CTO of The Appraisal Lane, Alex helped build and scale the product and engineering organization from four to almost fifty people who designed and built multiple applications. These applications were geared around a wholesale automotive marketplace using a variety of technology stacks, including native iOS and Android applications and a cloud barebacked made up of numerous micro-services.

Today, he serves as an advisor at Trupropel and CTO at DrivenIQ.

“I’m extremely pleased to welcome Alex to our team and very excited about the future of DrivenIQ innovations with his leadership and guidance,” said Albert Thompson, founder and CEO of DrivenIQ. “We’re experiencing unprecedented growth as more brands and marketers turn to us to provide advanced advertising technologies and audience data and management tools to help them reach their ideal customers. Alex’s development acumen and leadership skills are just what we need to grow our technology stack and expand our client base.”

Alex weighed in with thoughts on this new role at DrivenIQ.

“Technology has always been my ambition,” said Lindblad. “Even more, I have always been extremely passionate about helping brands build quality technological products and solutions that make their businesses better. I’m thrilled to put my skills to work for the DrivenIQ team and their clients. I’m impressed with their technology suite and appreciate how much growth they’ve experienced in a short period of time. I look forward to helping them grow even further.”

This latest news comes on the heels of DrivenIQ’s announcement last month that it has received $15 million in a Series A funding round backed by Capstone Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC: CATG). Capstone Technologies acquires, operate sand organically develops disruptive technologies. The company acquired an initial minority interest in DrivenIQ in October 2021 and has since invested additional capital to further accelerate DrivenIQ’s growth.

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I have always been extremely passionate about helping brands build quality technological products and solutions that make their businesses better.

Alex Lindblad, CTO of DrivenIQ

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