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DrivenIQ Launches The Ultimate First Party Data Strategy Playbook, Empowering Brands to Acquire and Retain Customers for Life in the Modern Digital Ecosystem

Towson, Maryland (PRWEB) August 02, 2023 -- DrivenIQ, a global leader in audience data and advertising technologies, is proud to announce the release of "The Ultimate First Party Data Strategy Playbook." This comprehensive guide equips brands, marketers, and agencies with essential knowledge and tools to harness the power of first party data in an increasingly cookieless world.

As the marketing landscape undergoes profound transformations, the importance of first party data has never been more significant. With the deprecation of third party cookies and a growing focus on data privacy, companies must embrace a data strategy centered on building authentic relationships with their customers. "The Ultimate First Party Data Strategy Playbook" by DrivenIQ contains important information to help businesses achieve this goal.

Available for free download at, the playbook consists of over 40 pages of invaluable insights, strategies, and best practices to leverage first party data for maximum impact across all media channels. Inside the playbook, readers will discover:

  • The Importance of First Party Data in a Cookieless World: Understand the pivotal role first party data plays in enhancing customer experiences and driving marketing success.
  • Best Practices to Manage and Activate First Party Data: Learn how to effectively collect, organize, and utilize first party data to deliver personalized experiences that resonate with consumers.
  • State-of-the-Art Audience Technologies: Explore cutting-edge technologies transforming the world of marketing and enabling businesses to connect with their target audience more effectively.
  • Tips and Advice for Future-Proofing Your Business: Unlock the power of personalization to create lasting relationships with customers and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Key Digital Marketing Trends: Get informed on the the latest trends and developments shaping the digital marketing landscape.

“Today, first party data is the bedrock of successful marketing strategies,” said Albert Thompson, founder and CEO of DrivenIQ. “It's not just a valuable asset, it's an absolute necessity. As the digital landscape evolves and consumer expectations soar, companies must recognize that the power lies in truly understanding their customers. First party data and technologies that activate audiences across all media channels provide the key to unlock insights, build authentic relationships at scale, and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with individuals on a profound level.”

The playbook also presents crucial statistics that cannot be ignored:

  • 91% of consumers surveyed said they are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and  recommendations(1).
  • 75% of consumers said they are more likely to buy from brands offering personalized online experiences(2).
  • 97% of marketers witnessed a rise in business outcomes because of personalization(3).
  • Two-thirds (63%) of digital marketing leaders admitted they continue to struggle with personalization(4).

Despite its importance, personalization has become a paramount challenge for modern marketers with the significant media and device fragmentation that exists today. "The Ultimate First Party Data Strategy Playbook by DrivenIQ" offers helpful solutions, empowering businesses to navigate toward a zero party data strategy that begins with quality first party data.

“By harnessing the potential of first party data, businesses can navigate the complexities of today's marketing landscape with confidence, and most importantly, put the customer at the heart of every decision, ensuring a future of enduring success,” said Thompson.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your data strategy. Download "The Ultimate First Party Data Strategy Playbook" by DrivenIQ today at and embark on a journey to unparalleled marketing and business success.

Capstone (OTC: CATG), a company that acquires, operates, and organically develops disruptive technologies, acquired an initial minority interest in DrivenIQ and has since invested additional capital to further access small,medium, and large businesses across various industries.

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