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Resolve the identity of up to 40% of website visitors with the ResolveID Site Audience Identification Tag.

With the ResolveID™ tag in place, website owners can harness and maximize the power of their website by identifying and marketing to the people visiting. Get an understanding of WHO is visiting, WHAT they are looking at, and WHEN they visited so you can effectively remarket to them and bring them back again and again. Increase customer lifetime value with ResolveID™.

Audience Management Platform

The first of its kind, VisitIQ™ is DrivenIQ's foundational first party audience development platform. Combining a robust identity graph featuring 500 different consumer characteristics with the ability to curate your own unique first party and custom audiences that can be used for marketing, lead development, digital onboarding and more. With VisitIQ™, you'll never have to guess who your customers are again.

Monitor in-store and competitive shopper traffic with GeoZoning from DrivenIQ.

GeoZoning allows a business to place a digital polygon fence around any address to capture and collect mobile ad id's for the purpose of identity resolution and marketing. Monitor your own in-store traffic and compare to your competitors. Maximize marketing messages by including custom offers or incentives based on where they were last seen.

DrivenIQ has built the most Robust Real-Time Audience Device-Level Identity Graph in the market today.

Built on an offline, first party data identity spine, DrivenIQ now offers the ability for business owners to build and own their own custom audiences at scale, using the first of it’s kind truly deterministic graph persistent-device level graph & audience platform, VisitIQ™. Build robust consumer audiences for online or offline marketing efforts. Files include name, address, demographic, psychographic and financial indicators, plus email address, phone number and mobile ad ID. Easy to understand packages and pricing makes AudienceID available to every type of business, from SMB to Enterprise, DrivenIQ has built its AudienceID™ platform for your business needs.

Not quite ready to own your custom audience, but want to see it activated on your company's behalf?

Sign up for MediaIQ™ and partner with DrivenIQ to activate custom audiences on your behalf. Data lease options are available and affordable for any sized budget.

Media Services available include programmatic marketing, social media, email marketing, direct mail marketing and more. Contact a DrivenIQ representative to learn more.

Have your own disparate data sets that you want to put to work for your business?

DrivenIQ has the ability to ingest and enrich company datasets to provide updated and opted-in consumer marketing details for enhanced outreach and communication efforts. If you have a dataset that includes your customers' first and last name, home address and/or personal email address, DrivenIQ can likely take that file, match it against our identity graph and return an enriched dataset back to your company. Want to learn more, reach out to a DrivenIQ consultant today.

Consumer Radar
Our Experts. Your Results.

DrivenIQ is composed of +30 years data experts and digital marketing professionals who understand how challenging it is to connect with your customers.

We help you eliminate ad waste, achieve higher ROI and grow your business by reaching, connecting and engaging with consumers who are most likely to buy your products.

Get your complimentary custom audience build today.

Our team of experts will help you craft the perfect audience to fit your needs. We'll work with you to determine the best criteria for maximum results. Don't wait. Get started building your custom audience today!

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