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DrivenIQ Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding Backed by Capstone Technologies Group, Inc.

DrivenIQ specializes in helping brands unify, collect, normalize and ingest consumer data to better engage with their ideal customers.

TOWSON, MARYLAND (Prweb) August 23, 2022

DrivenIQ, the experts in audience data and advertising technologies, has raised $15 million in a Series A funding round backed by Capstone Technologies Group, Inc. (OTCQB: CATG). Capstone Technologies acquires, operates and organically develops disruptive technologies. The company acquired an initial minority interest in DrivenIQ in October 2021 and has since invested additional capital to further accelerate DrivenIQ’s growth.

Founded by industry veteran Albert Thompson, DrivenIQ specializes in helping brands unify, collect, normalize and ingest consumer data - easily and seamlessly- to better engage with their ideal customers. In the ‬first six months of 2022, DrivenIQ has more than doubled its monthly revenue, and in July 2022 alone, revenue grew 112% compared to January 2022 revenue.

“Albert and the DrivenIQ team epitomize the technology innovators who are changing the face of business today,” said Avenel Financial Group Founder and Capstone Technologies Group President, Mike Pruitt. “DrivenIQ’s robust and impressive technology stack helps brands build, own and store audience data in away that is meaningful to their business use cases. We’re pleased to help DrivenIQ continue to drive substantial growth."

This funding supports the expansion of DrivenIQ’s Customer360™ AMP (Audience Management Platform™), called VisitIQ™, composed of custom first-party data, location geo-device data, predictive AI modeling & custom micro-audiences, VisitIQ™ site audience tag technology and its latest solution, DrivenID™ Identity Graph. The DrivenID™ Identity Graph organizes, connects, uni‬fies and analyzes online and offline consumer & behavior data for more than 14 billion customer records identifying over 230+ million U.S. households. Working in tandem with VisitIQ™, Identity Graph gives brands & marketers the most comprehensive 360-degree real-time audience view, ushering in the future of “people-based” data-driven strategies.

Pruitt says that Capstone was attracted to DrivenIQ for the company’s ability to eliminate ad waste, provide higher ROI, and more effectively monetize real traffic through real measurability, starting and ending with a data fi‬rst approach. Thompson says the company’s partnership with Capstone Technologies helps DrivenIQ continue to ‬ll signifi‬cant voids in the Customer Data Platform Market - one that is expected to reach $15 billion by 2026.

Thompson said DrivenIQ’s future involves the development of an ecosystem that connects (1) Customer Data Platforms or CDPs (2) Customer Experience Management or CXM (3) Customer Relationship Management Tools or CRMs and (4)Data Management Platforms or DMPs, to solve central problems for businesses and their audiences and customers.

“We appreciate Mike and Capstone Technologies for supporting and recognizing the importance of technologies that collect and model complex and vast volumes of data,” Thompson said. “Our unwavering goal is to create an AMP rooted in AI-driven decisioning, customer experience analytics and micro-segmentation analytics to help drive marketing efficiencies, data accuracy & activation to solve endless use cases. This will ultimately drive a true 1 to 1 customer to brand personalization ecosystem. Our funding will help us reach our goal and revolutionize the way data platforms manage audiences at scale.”

"DrivenIQ’s robust and impressive technology stack helps brands build, own and store audience data in a way that is meaningful to their business use cases."

Albert Thompson, Founder and CEO of DrivenIQ

About DrivenIQ

DrivenIQ is an omni-data DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) tech company and Audience Management Platform (AMP) that specializes in zero party, 1st-party data, and data modeling to help businesses best manage their audiences and build data solutions to best manage their ideal customers. The company offers a variety of services, including website traffic and consumer analytics & data visualization, geo-zoning Audience technologies, data identity resolution, data management appending, data-‬first social media solutions, VisitIQ™, a caller ID solution for websites, DrivenIQ Identity Graph and DriveBid™, a live vehicle trade-in marketplace. Founded by Albert Thompson, a digital advertising expert and former car dealer, DrivenIQ is known for its automotive industry data solutions, although it helps small, medium, and large businesses across various industries. Visit and for more information.

About Capstone Technologies, Inc.

Capstone Technologies Group, Inc (CATG) seeks to acquire, operate and organically develop disruptive technologies across several sectors where they have expertise aided by a network of experts and advisors. Capstone Technologies Group also intends to invest through a wholly owned subsidiary Capstone Venture Partners, LLC alongside best-in-class investors or directly in proven founders building companies with technologies that will shape the future.