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DrivenIQ Unveils Cookieless Contextual Audience Segmentation with IAB Taxonomy, Reinforcing its Pioneering Stance in First Party Audience Data

The company now integrates the IAB's Seller Defined Audience (SDA) taxonomy categories, representing a seismic shift towards a cookieless contextual future.

TOWSON, Md., Sept. 12, 2023/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- DrivenIQ, a global leader in audience data and advertising technologies, today announced a new technological advancement in cookieless and intent-based audience data. The company now integrates the IAB's Seller Defined Audience (SDA) taxonomy categories, representing a seismic shift towards a cookieless contextual future. It also represents the company's overarching mission to redefine audience data by curating relevant and meaningful first party solutions.

DrivenIQ's patent pending Cookieless-Contextual™ audience segmentation empowers marketers to access tailored cohorts based on in-market consumer behavior and recent online relevance. This approach is closely linked to a consumer's online (and soon offline) shopping journey.

DrivenIQ is addressing the imminent end of third party cookies by offering this democratized solution outside the constraints of digital walled gardens. The company also leverages its Audience Data Platform to connect the dots between extensive consumer identity touch points – covering over 45 million unique active visitors weekly – and IAB's defined taxonomies. These data interactions continue to scale week over week, putting DrivenIQ's current monthly observability at over 54% of the U.S.population to date.

"With the sheer volume of visitors in our data pipeline, we can detect, analyze, and observe non-PII digital breadcrumbs across millions of persistent identity profiles, thousands of business verticals, and tens of millions of online interactions and events, including purchase and transaction engagements," said Albert Thompson, CEO of DrivenIQ.

The launch of DrivenIQ's Cookieless-Contextual™ audience segmentation helps make connections between these important data signals, the DrivenIQ Identity Graph, and consumer online intent, thereby linking data that creates a true and first 360-degree view of a customer's journey.

"With these latest capabilities, we provide marketers with privacy-complaint, cookieless ways to build custom audience cohorts that are integrated with IAB taxonomies for scale and interoperability," Thompson continued. "The future of advertising lies in platforms integrated with both audience and contextual data to exceed the demands of a cookieless future. We're providing the most efficient ad spends and highest ROI, fueled by in-market audience data that enables reach beyond walled gardens."

Additionally, DrivenIQ proudly announces its recent membership in both the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in the United States and the United Kingdom. This strategic move epitomizes DrivenIQ's unwavering commitment to enhancing its global footprint. It also reaffirms the company's position as a trailblazer in the first party data marketplace.

In tandem with these advancements, DrivenIQ is privileged to sponsor the upcoming IAB Connected Commerce Summit: Retail Reimagined, on September 13, 2023 in New York, which brings together thought leaders, innovators, and experts to explore the future of connected commerce.

Michael Pruitt, President of Capstone Technologies Group Inc, (OTC: CATG), a majority investor in DrivenIQ, expressed his enthusiasm for the company's recent milestones.

"DrivenIQ's innovative leap into cookieless contextual audience segmentation, paired with its alignment to IAB, exemplifies the forward-thinking approach we value at Capstone Technologies Group," said Pruitt. "We're very proud to be associated with such groundbreaking work and are eager to see how these innovations reshape the advertising landscape."

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