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DrivenIQ Unveils Revolutionary B2B2C First Party Data for Unprecedented 360-Degree Unified Audience to Business Insights

This is a first in cookieless audience curation and unification of data linkages between business insights and customer profiles at the household identity level.

TOWSON, Md., Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- In an age where the lines between personal and professional data is increasingly blurred, DrivenIQ emerges as the catalyst for brands to understand this intricate juxtaposition. Today, the company announced a major upgrade to its VisitIQ™ Audience Management Data Platform (AMP), which now provides valuable Business to Business (B2B) identifiers and professional insights, including firmographic data about where individuals work, their professional roles, company contact details, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

This marks a monumental departure from conventional account-based marketing outreach platforms. While ABM primarily serves as a tool for businesses to prospect high-value accounts, DrivenIQ's innovation lies in its ability to peel back identity layers to reveal high-value individuals within these accounts who are actively engaging with a business online. It's a transformation from one-dimensional cold marketing outreach to a multi-dimensional and deeper level awareness of individuals and intenders who are reaching out directly to businesses, instead.

This transformative shift goes beyond existing B2B2C technologies built on third party data. DrivenIQ's platform leverages a cookieless, deterministic first party data identity infrastructure to provide a deeper, more accurate understanding of individuals while ensuring all data meets the latest privacy requirements. 

With these enhancements, not only will VisitIQ™users be able to see the wide variety of consumer attributes associated with their website visitors, create real-time first party lookalike audiences, and enrich external customer files and disparate data sources, but they will also be able to marry these data points with B2B firmographic details for even deeper insights of their audiences.

This is a first in cookieless audience curation and unification of data linkages between business insights and customer profiles at the household identity level.

"In today's post-COVID digital age, the lines between our personal and professional lives are converging and more fungible than ever," said Albert Thompson, Founder and CEO of DrivenIQ. "Remote and hybrid workforces have become the new paradigm in identity management, making firmographic B2B data equally important as part of a household profile. Understanding this intertwined relationship isn't just innovative; it's table stakes. With our B2B2C data integration, we're diving deep into this fusion, providing a richer, more comprehensive perspective of individuals as they navigate their multifaceted lives. This depth enables brands to connect and engage in revolutionary ways, erasing the traditional boundaries and resonating on a deeper, more meaningful level."

Whether it's a CEO researching new technologies, revenue teams looking into market trends, or marketing executives analyzing consumer behavior patterns, each action or attribute paints a holistic, 360-degree picture of an individual that can be translated into powerful insights. These insights can be used to drive business decisions or build a custom lookalike audience using the additional capabilities available inside the VisitIQ™ Audience Management Platform.

VisitIQ™ is an Audience Data SaaS Platform built on the company's cookieless first party identity resolution data technology. DrivenIQ's technology can identify website visitors and sequentially resolve customer data identifiers, which are stitched together with over 500+ attributes. The end result is one of the most powerful 360-degree customer views at the individual level within the household.

DrivenIQ also provides detailed information about each customer's journey down to URL, attribution source, medium, and granular level audience segmentation, empowering marketers to build unparalleled data customer cohorts and niche micro-segments.

With a clientele that spans across brands, publishers, and agencies, DrivenIQ continues to pave the way for meaningful personalized marketing.

For a more detailed understanding of the enhanced features and to explore the power of business data now available with VisitIQ™, visit or contact DrivenIQ at

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