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Driven IQ builds local news brand in cluttered metropolitan DMA with strategic data-first approach


Working together with a major broadcast corporation, DrivenIQ set out to help launch a new local news website featuring bite-size bits of local information in the Atlanta metropolitan area. With no local television or radio station to anchor the brand, DrivenIQ used a data-first approach to generate interest in a new local news site.


DrivenIQ utilized a combination of audiences, tactics and campaigns including programmatic display, OTT, Google display, YouTube, Facebook Ads, and email marketing.

To launch the news site, DrivenIQ employed a custom audience of 150,000 Atlanta-based known heavy online streamers and local news viewers to initiate awareness and engagement in the newly developed local news website.

In phase two of the launch, the goal was to drive 100,000 unique users to the website. To achieve that, DIQ set a target $2 CPC and aimed to build a campaign that would generate 100,000 clicks to the website.

The end result was a successful new brand launch, updated website content for user enhancement, increasingly longer viewing time on the stream and hundreds of thousands of sellable impressions. The campaign successfully achieved over 100,000 clicks and during the campaign outreach phase, traffic spiked from an average of 500 users per day to as many as 30,000 per day.


Announce and Engage
DrivenIQ was able to successfully launch an unknown website in a massive metro market with digital marketing.

Targeted messaging to people ready to stream
Audience deployment across all channels allowing for increased reach and improved effectiveness of campaign delivery.

From 0 to 100 in 5 months
Despite minimal in-market awareness, DrivenIQ was able to effectively create enough awareness for the first market that the company was able to expand into other market areas and take the next step toward awareness.

At a glance


  • Ghost website
  • No online presence
  • No brand awareness
  • No in-market demand


  • Successful brand launch
  • Drove over 100.000 unique users
  • High time spent on site
  • High streaming time
  • High return on ad spend

“At DrivenIQ, our mission is to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time using data as a guide.Our goal is to provide companies with precise data and targeted marketing that will create the right awareness and engagement for each brand."

Albert Thompson / DrivenIQ Corporation