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DrivenIQ investor profile data drives ROI on Reg-D investor series


The goal was to both re-launch a brand and generate at least a 7-1 return on ad spend using custom and curated first party audiences tailored to focus on those who have previously invested or fit the financial profile to invest a minimum of $5,000 toward the Reg-D raise.


DrivenIQ utilized a combination of audiences, tactics and campaigns including social media, Google display, performance max, and email marketing.

Campaigns are targeted at specific investor-focused audiences representing the top 15% of US adults most likely to meet the EAGLES profile for investors.

To achieve the desired results, the team worked with both the client and their hired consultants to deploy multiple variations of the campaign until finding the right mix for success. The mix consists of fresh website content, campaign messaging and audience reach.

DrivenIQ publicist and enterprise account managers worked to not only activate a successful campaign but also put the collective experience of the team to work in order to deliver results.


Rebrand and Relaunch
Website redesign with single-click interactivity for potential investors.

Targeted Messaging to Ideal Investors
Audience deployment across all channels allowing for increased reach and improved effectiveness of campaign delivery.

13 to 1 Return on Ad Spend
The impact of the combined efforts led to nearly $700,000 in tracked Reg-D investments since launch.

At a glance


  • Too many chiefs
  • Under-developed brand
  • Multiple landing pages
  • Limited early investments


  • Investment: $25,000 / mo
  • Total Invitations: Over 200
  • Investments to date: $696,500
  • Active 2 months
  • EOAS: 13.93 to 1

Our team is staunchly committed to driving investor engagement. Watching investors fund brands and help build innovative businesses makes us proud and motivates us to do what we do, each and every day. It is our mission to help you succeed. It is our mission to be your partner.

Albert Thompson CEO, DrivenIQ