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DrivenIQ Unveils Enhanced Capabilities to Rival Incumbent CDPs, Empowers Marketers to Achieve Simplified, Intuitive Approach to 1st Party Data

DrivenIQ is now poised to be the single best solution for major retailers, brands, and media agencies looking to make the transition to a cookieless world.


DrivenIQ, a global leader in audience data and advertising technologies, today announced enhancements to its flagship Audience Management Platform, VisitIQ™. These latest innovations empower enterprise marketers to ingest millions of records from disparate sources – such as customers lists, point of sale data, CRM data, sales logs, or disparate, inaccurate, or incomplete big data – then enrich and augment records in a legally compliant and marketable way in a matter of minutes down to the household and individual level.

These latest enhancements come when 71% of consumers expect personalization (1), yet marketers still depend on 3rd party cookies to power their marketing and customer experiences. DrivenIQ is now poised to be the single best solution for major retailers, brands, and media agencies looking to make the transition to a cookieless world.

Launched in February 2023, VisitIQ™ revolutionizes audience intelligence by offering marketers and researchers unparalleled consumer insights. The company’s proprietary Audience Management Platform (AMP) is powered by over 14 billion records deterministically linked to 660 million individuals across each device they own. Since its official launch, the platform has undergone continuous evolution. These recent enhancements are nothing short of remarkable for businesses and marketers to best understand online consumer behaviors and their ideal customers, and activate with 1st party data across all digital channels.

"Today’s customers expect brands and marketers to know what and when they want specific products or services,” said Albert Thompson, Founder and CEO of DrivenIQ. “This is nearly impossible given the media fragmentation that exists today, with 8 to 10 devices per person, per household. With our audience personalization capabilities and 360-degree customer views, businesses can implement the most impactful experience-based marketing campaigns to engage their audiences across every digital platform. This is the future of audience data in a cookieless world.”

VisitIQ™ is also exceptionally flexible, offering marketers the ability to tailor their strategies to specific audience needs, from demographic to real estate to brand awareness or any custom audience they choose, without rigid methodology. Though marketing applications are immediately top of mind, VisitIQ™’s use cases run the gamut from facilitating research, business intelligence, and analytics, to greatly enhancing R&D, inventory management, services expansion, and loyalty programs.

This news comes on the heels of DrivenIQ’s announcement that it is now an official data partner and audience data provider for Basis® Technologies, expanding DrivenIQ’s activation reach to new heights in Connected TV, OTT, and programmatic audio and media buying. What’s more, DrivenIQ recently partnered with Roqad, bringing the world’s most comprehensive deterministic and probabilistic data to Europe, Canada, and the U.S., as well as the ability to activate data across virtually every digital pathway, including UID 2.0.

Thompson continued, “These latest VisitIQ™ enhancements and DrivenIQ partners such as Basis® and Roqad, as well as our work with Google Ads and DSP programmatic buying capabilities, give brands the ability to reach customers through expanded datasets that can be activated across all media in minutes. They can also resolve the identity of consumers visiting their websites with our ResolveID™ technology. Our data and technologies set a new standard in audience curation and media campaigns for businesses around the globe.”

Thompson says that the ultimate outcome of VisitIQ™'s capabilities is maximizing marketing ROI and effectiveness.

Here is a video with more information about VisitIQ™.

Michael Pruitt, President of Capstone Technologies Group Inc, a majority investor in DrivenIQ, weighed in on these latest developments.

“We seek out companies that improve business operations and contribute to the betterment of our world through innovation,” said Pruitt. “VisitIQ™’s recent enhancements epitomize this ideal, as it harnesses the power of data to revolutionize the advertising landscape. We fundamentally believe that investing in companies like DrivenIQ not only ensures their continued growth, but also propels us forward to a future where technology revolutionizes how we operate business. I am proud that we are driving progress and shaping a world where innovation is the cornerstone of success.”

Capstone (OTC: CATG), a company that acquires, operates, and organically develops disruptive technologies, acquired an initial minority interest in DrivenIQ and has since invested additional capital to further access small, medium, and large businesses across various industries.

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1 “The Value of Getting Personalization Right - Or Wrong - Is Multiplying,” McKinsey & Company, November 2021.